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8 Signs You Need a Virtual Paralegal in 2023

Looking for a sign to scale your Family Law practice this 2023? We listed 8 signs that will help you make that decision!

Did you know that 60% of law firms do not respond to emails at all? On top of that, 27% do not answer return phone calls. With the post-pandemic setup where most clients rely on information and communication online, overlooking these figures can cost potential clients and opportunities for your law firm.

If you want your law firm to thrive post-pandemic, this is a sign you need some extra hands a.k.a. a Virtual Paralegal. A Virtual Paralegal performs the functions of a traditional, in-house, paralegal without the high cost and hassle to you. They are highly skilled and can provide you with the legal administrative support you need from a remote location.

Many small law firms and solo practitioners shy away from hiring an in-house paralegal because of the commitment and costs it will incur. By hiring a Virtual Paralegal, you get a cost-effective solution without sacrificing your firm’s efficiency and productivity.

So if you are still considering hiring a Virtual Paralegal for your law practice, here are signs that it’s time to go for it this 2023.

1.) Your cases are piling up which leads to missed deadlines.

Constantly missing deadlines, needing to request extensions on court investigation reports or discovery or 410 request responses or responses to complaints is a sign of poor time management which can affect your law practice in the long run.

Instead of focusing on your caseload, you are consumed by tasks that can be easily delegated if you have a virtual paralegal on your side. Missed deadlines can cost you your credibility and your client’s trust which are key pillars in your practice.

2.) You are unable to maintain a work-life balance

How awesome would it be to take a vacation without thinking about the work you left in your office? Most attorneys and law firm owners can only dream about a healthy work-life balance.

The reality is your workload drains your time and energy on a day-to-day basis. You are unable to take time off to spend with your children, your spouse, or your family. You are even robbed of the time for yourself and the opportunity to pursue other passions. Hiring a virtual paralegal can spare you from doing all the administrative tasks by yourself, so you can free your time to perform high-impact tasks while enjoying a balanced work and life.

3.) You struggle to manage your calendar and fail to return phone calls

According to Clio (2020) 42% of law firms take up to three days to potential clients. Checking emails, scheduling calls, or managing your calendar are tasks that are important yet time-consuming. A missed email or call can also mean a missed client or opportunity. Inquiries flood at any time of the day but you have way more tasks on your plate that you need to work on.

The good news is your business doesn’t have to stop on the times you are busy, beyond office hours, or during holidays. A virtual paralegal can answer your calls, respond to emails, and even man your office while you are away.

4.) You are unable to perform important tasks

Being a solo practitioner or a small law firm owner entails a lot of tasks and responsibilities. You find yourself overwhelmed at the sight of cases and files you need to go through even before the day starts. You struggle to organize and prioritize leaving the important tasks on the back burner. Keeping this up can lead to costly mistakes and missed deadlines which can affect your practice overall.

5.) Your seemingly unending to-do list fills your day

Always busy yet you don’t feel productive at all? It’s because you are occupied with the little tasks, you don’t have time to fulfill your main duties anymore. Offloading tasks to your virtual paralegal can ease your workload so you can focus on the things that matter to your law firm.

6.) You can’t find the right person for the role

Finding the right person for the role can be a time-consuming process. You might have tried hiring interns and entry-level paralegals in the past but they failed to reach the specific qualities and expertise you are looking for.

Attorneys don’t have all the time to train every new hire but hiring someone experienced and highly knowledgeable might not fit the bill. A virtual paralegal is more flexible, can operate remotely, and are more cost-effective than an in-house paralegal.

7.) You are constantly stressed and rushed

Relaxing is not in your vocabulary. You are always working in a highly stressful environment with tight deadlines. If this describes you on a daily basis, a virtual paralegal might come in handy. Not only are you sacrificing your efficiency when you are stressed and rushed, but you are also risking your health and reputation. Steam off the pressure and overwhelm with a trusted and reliable virtual paralegal.

8.) You can’t afford to hire an in-house staff at a reasonable market rate

Trying to do everything on your own because you can’t afford an in-house paralegal yet? This is true for most small firms and solo practitioners. Hiring an in-house paralegal is indeed expensive. You need office space, training costs, supplies, employee benefits, and a budget for salaries.

There’s no denying how in-house paralegals can help your practice but if you are looking for a cost-effective alternative, a virtual paralegal is what you need. They can perform the same duties and responsibilities of a traditional paralegal without the extra overhead costs.

While you are preparing to hire a full-time paralegal sometime in the future, virtual paralegals can also fill in the role temporarily or take the workload of training your new hires.

As 2023 approaches, it’s the perfect time to set up your law firm for success. By hiring a virtual paralegal you can focus on growing your law firm and grabbing more opportunities for your practice.

If you are ready to hire a Virtual Paralegal this 2023, you can schedule a virtual coffee chat here to get started.

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