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What Can I Delegate?

You're no one-size-fits-all attorney and we are no one-size-fits-all solution. 

We are able to bend to meet the needs of your practice.

While we specialize in family law, we are also abundantly experienced in other practice areas.


Here is a short list of the support we are able to provide to you:

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Litigation Support:

Drafting of motions and pleadings

Calendar hearing dates and discovery deadlines

In-person & e-filing of case documents

Preparation of subpoenas and requests for production of documents

Immigration Case Management:

Work jointly with your clients to complete USCIS forms

Interview witnesses and draft affidavits of support

Compile country conditions

Spanish & Haitian-Creole translation and interpretion services

Divorce Mediation Support:

Manage 1A/1B process from start to finish

Prepare all required divorce forms 

Filing of divorce motions and pleadings

Scheduling of consultations and non-matter related meetings

Back Office Management:

Organize internal case-related records for immediate access

Initiate and Return office calls

Proof and organize files and documents

Schedule consultations and non-case related meetings

We also can handle...

Quitclaim Deeds | Real Estate Law

Guardianships of a Minor | Family Law

Memorandums of Law | Various Areas

& Demand Letters | Personal Injury

and more... 

Here are some requests our clients are making

[Client] lied to immigration and now he needs to apply for an immigration waiver so he can get a green card. In addition to his background/upbringing, we need the affidavit to explain what happened with his lie to immigration, and to show the hardships he faces in Haiti, especially now. For his mother's affidavit, we need the typical background/history and to show the hardships she’d face if she had to move to Haiti to live with her son if he couldn’t get this waiver.

  • What is a Virtual Paralegal, and how can they be of benefit to my law practice?
    A Virtual Paralegal is a professional who is trained, experienced, and equipped to provide competent, thorough, and complex legal support to attorneys remotely. A law practice can greatly benefit from partnering with a Virtual Paralegal. Here are just a few of the benefits you and your firm can expect to experience when partnered with Grace Legal Support Services: - Ability to focus on the meat of your cases, while delegating paralegal level work - Cost savings by reducing your firm's overhead/operational costs - Support when you need it: Pay only for the hours of support you need. Increase your paralegal support hours during your firm's busy seasons and decrease when things slow down. - Luxury of taking a vacation, caring for a loved one, or taking on pro bono work while your paralegal keeps the office functioning smoothly
  • How can I delegate work to my Virtual Paralegal?
    You can easily delegate work to your assigned Virtual Paralegal via email or via the GLSS Slack channel.
  • How often will I get to communicate with my Virtual Paralegal?
    Frequent and clear communication is vital to a successful and productive working relationship between you and your dedicated Virtual Paralegal, that's why he/she will always be an email, Slack message, text message, or phone call away! Your Paralegal will also meet with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to discuss case statuses, upcoming hearing dates, task deadlines, help identify areas for delegation, and any other pertinent firm matters that will support you.
  • Grace Legal Support Services works with local law firms that I am often on opposing sides of cases with. How will you ensure that Attorney-Client privilege and neutrality is upheld?
    Our reliable conflict check system ensures that your dedicated Virtual Paralegal will never violate the Attorney-Client privilege and confidentialities that exist between you and your client.
  • Are there any commitment requirements to work with Grace Legal Support Services?
    There no long-term commitments when working with Grace Legal Support Services. Our monthly subscription plans allow you the flexibility to increase and decrease support hours as needed, and to end services any time.
  • I'm not an attorney. Can Grace Legal Support Services help me draft my divorce paperwork? I am not looking to be represented, only administrative assistance."
    We are not attorneys; therefore, we are unable to assist you with the drafting of your divorce paperwork. We can; however, refer you to one, or more, of the phenomenal attorneys we work with. Send us a message and we will be happy to send a list of referrals your way.
  • I have a question that was not addressed here. How can I contact you?
    We will be happy to answer your question. Send us an email at and we will be glad to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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Tailor-fit for your 

Family Law matter


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