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Hello, I'm Wendy - great to virtually meet you!

My passion for law - Family Law in particular, comes from a long history of trauma. Experiencing first-hand childhood abuse, domestic violence, the DCF system,  and representing myself through a divorce and  custody dispute, has taken me on a life journey which has been hard, but filled with so much blessing nonetheless.

In 2015, I found myself unemployed and I felt led to exploring what it might be like to become an attorney. I decided to intern for a small law firm where I noticed a similar passion to serve the minority community and I noticed the impact our attorneys make in the lives of the families within our communities. While I saw the beauty and strength of the legal world, I also noticed the struggles.


Many attorneys, particularly solo attorneys and attorneys operating a small law firms are overwhelmed and at


maximum capacity in terms of workload. They are unable to take on the high costs of securing an in-house, full-time paralegal and they are overworked, unable to properly balance work and life because when they stop working, their business stops functioning.


As a solution to this problem, Grace Legal Support Services was formed in 2020, offering these attorneys relief by providing professional and specialized virtual paralegal service without the overhead costs to the attorney or firm. When working with a Virtual Paralegal, attorneys pay only for hours worked. They can select a price package that reflects the needs of their firm in terms of the number of hours which they need legal support. 

And while Grace Legal Support Services is indeed a virtual business, we are flexible in that we provide our customers with in-person services such as in-person court filings across all Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and North Carolina courts, mobile notary services & in-person signing – where we travel to the attorney’s clients to notarize legal documents or obtain signatures for matters. And we also have the capability of assisting a firm with transitioning to a paperless, virtual office, and more.​

We are committed to providing our clients with the in-house paralegal intimacy they are accustomed to by being communicative and a present support member of their team rather than an unknown face over the waves of the web.

I look forward to getting to know you, the needs of your practice and discovering how Grace Legal Support Services can come alongside you to bring you much deserved peace of mind. 

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