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We believe you should have a phenomenal paralegal by your side

... so we crafted you the easiest and most affordable solution

Witness In Courtroom

We understand how overwhelming it can be and how alone it can feel having to juggle it all. 

And that taking a break to put together an efficient process for your practice means sacrificing precious time which could be used for consultations, preparing for trials, or serving our community. 

Grace Legal Support Services ("GLSS") is here to support you, enabling you to focus on high level tasks  and  to take that much needed break.

Grace Legal Support has been nothing short of a blessing to me and I look forward to working with this company, who goes the extra mile in ensuring my clients are prepared and ready for court or any other proceeding through exceptional work.

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Morenike E. Adams, Esq.

Adams Law Office

Family Law Specialists 

We are a team of college-educated paralegals with knowledge and experience in various practice areas, but family law is our niche.

Each paralegal holds dedicated experience, so they are ready to hit the ground running to assist you with your matters.

GLSS has the ability to support you at every step of the client relationship, including client intake, document collection and discovery, motions and pleadings, and trial preparation. 

We can even train your in-office staff!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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throughout Massachusetts &
coming to the Carolinas!

We are residents of the states from which we are serving you - our neighbor!

While we are "virtual" paralegals we are real professionals and real people with a love for law, who are passionate about making life easier for you. 

You can look forward to: 

Case Management Huddles

Meet with your dedicated paralegal on a consistent, weekly or bi-weekly, basis to discuss case status', upcoming hearings and deadlines, and to identify tasks for delegation

Flexibility & Convenience

Our monthly subscription plans allow you to increase hours when your practice is busy and decrease hours when things slow down. 


Whether it's an in-person court filing, meeting with your client to notarize documents, or working with your client to accurately complete a financial statement, 

We Are Ready to Serve You!

Proactive Paralegal Support

We want you to always be one step ahead of the game. That's why we:

1. Get a jump start on all initial contested and uncontested divorces, and the discovery process as soon as your prospect has engaged your services.


2. Ensure all financial statements have been completed, signed and filed at least 14 days prior to all hearings involving financials.  

You don't have to do it all. 
We can help.

Schedule a consultation today.

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